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"I will only tell you what I want you to know, I wont reveal all I know, I can't tell you what I don’t know" D.K.Burton
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From time to time, David Burton write for magazines and newspapers and his comments and thoughts are sought after by many who are looking for an experienced and ethical person in the industry.

David Burton is passionate and knowledgeable in the areas of W.D.Gann and has followed his principles and often shares snippets of information so you can understand W.D.Gann better.

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The Eclipse and New York City - 22nd September, 2006

The upcoming eclipse is somewhat ominous for traders because it is so close to the 1987 September eclipse.  The market dive in October was so large by comparison to any market moves we had seen in recent history that the entire rules for margin requirements trading options, as well as rules regarding program trading were severely changed.

The eclipse is conjunct the NY Mercury-Neptune Conjunction, and is also at the Venus/Mars Midpoint.  As the eclipse degree is 29 Virgo, it is considered to be conjunct the ‘world point’ of 0 degrees cardinal, associated with very public events.

The World Trade Center bombing occurred with Mars at Zero Capricorn and the Node within a couple of degrees of opposing it, following the June eclipse at 0 Cancer.  (That eclipse was on the Sun of Aussie Nicole Kidman and destroyed her marriage.)

Reflecting on how the fame of New York may fit the profile of planets at the ‘world point’ being a legacy, we think about the Mercury-Neptune conjunction being symbolic of transportation by water.   Mercury rules the 9th house of long distance travel, or foreigners, and New York has not only been a major port for goods arriving in the United States, but foreigners immigrating as well.  Does not, ‘Bring us you’re tired, you’re poor, the wretched refuse of your teeming shores’ sound Neptunian?

To summarize, we are looking at an eclipse that suggests an event which will get noticed on the world stage, likely having to do with the Port, a tunnel, maybe even the subway system, or some shocking turn of events in the area of immigration.

Saturn is trine Pluto, and this evil duo was in opposition at the time of the World Trade Center bombing.   Pluto is still in the same sign, of Sagittarius as it was then, so the religious zealots are still out to call attention to themselves.  Saturn is opposing Neptune, and we have seen this duo teaming up to create fear of inflation, concerns about the oil supply and now finally more laws in California restricting the fisherman to ‘give fish a chance.’  As the eclipse path crosses Venezuela, one wonders if there will be disruption to their oil production, or if they will just decide to limit supplies to the USA.  Most of Venezuela’s oil production is refined in the Caribbean, so it is possible that there could be an attack on a refinery.

January 16, 2007 Mars will square the eclipse point, 15th May 2007 mars will be opposite, and so we may not see the effects of this eclipse until those times.  With Mars conjunct the Ascendant of the Eclipse Chart in Washington, DC, we may feel the effects immediately and it would be an attack, although with Mars in Libra we would expect it to have a passive/aggressive flavor (such as attacking a refinery.)

With 2006/2007 being 392 years from 11th October 1614 (New York Chart) the following year looks like trouble in the big apple. 49 x 8 =2006. 49 being a fatal year.


In the next issue of “Your trading edge” (www.yte.com.au) there will be a article on W.D.Gann “Tunnel thru the Air”

David Burton

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