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"I will only tell you what I want you to know, I wont reveal all I know, I can't tell you what I don’t know" D.K.Burton
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Larry Williams Fraud - PDF Documents

 TitleOwnerModified DateDescription
Larry Williams Fraud - Celebrity Market Guru ArrestedDavid Burton21/06/200740kb PDF
Larry Williams Fraud - Larry on Bail David Burton21/06/200744kb PDF
Larry Williams Fraud - Larry's Timing NewsletterDavid Burton21/06/2007111kb PDF
Larry Williams Fraud - ReparationsDavid Burton21/06/2007369kb PDF
Larry Williams Fraud - Winner Takes AllDavid Burton21/06/20072.77 Mb PDF
Larry Williams Tax FraudDavid Burton21/06/2007104 KB PDF
The True Trading Life of Larry WilliamsDavid Burton31/08/20093.28 Mb PDF
Why Larry Williams gives seminars...

“I give seminars, write books and have a videotape series for several reasons. First of all it's quite profitable; I get paid for doing it. I never know as a trader when I will make money, it may be this month or maybe a few months from now it's an unknown. Seminars and such amount to steady income.”

14 February 2005

Caloundra Police Department


Dear Sir,

At 9.30am on 9 February 2005 I had a disturbing phone call from Larry Williams. He introduced himself, and asked if I had received his email to which I answered yes. He then asked me what I was going to about it, I replied nothing. The email refers to public information on my website about Larry.

Larry then threatened that he was coming to get me and threatened me with violence. He said he was coming “fight” me, and I take this very seriously as he is coming to Australia in June.

I don’t believe this man is mentally stable, and take this threat seriously.

Enclosed is a copy of the email referred to above, and a copy of the contact person who is bringing this man out from overseas.

The reason for this letter, is to advise you in writing of my concerns so you can keep this on file, and also so you can proceed with any appropriate actions for my protection.

Yours sincerely

David Burton

16 March 2005

Mr Larry Williams,
You telephoned me on the 9th February 2005, threatening to publicly ruin my reputation if I did not remove information about you on my website in my article “Gann Discredited”. I note also that in this conversation, you even resorted to threaten me with violence.

I have heard from people that you have been stating that I am a fraud.

Firstly, we both know that that is not true. Obviously, you are retorting to my not removing the truths stated on my website.

Secondly, if you believe that I am a fraud you should make an official complaint to the Australian Futures watchdog, A.S.I.C (www.asic.gov.au) and report the fraud to them.

I have a licence with A.S.I.C, AFSL No. 241371.

Larry, if someone doesn’t want to trade against you it doesn’t make them a fraud, it just means that they have nothing they need to prove. It truly is only those that are not successful in life / trading that feel the need to prove themselves to others, I am not one of these people. Did you consider that perhaps the real traders out there do not want to publicly broadcast how much money they are making to boost their own ego? I know of one trader that made 360 million in the 1987 crash and he remains anonymous – obviously a trader with nothing he needs to prove. So what you are saying is that every trader in the world is a fraud if they don’t trade against you.

You obviously have a chip on your shoulder, perhaps you feel you need to prove yourself to others. I feel for you Larry, I truly do.

As I am an honest and honourable man, I am prepared to help you remove this obviously weighty load you are carrying. I want to help you Larry – help you to remove the need within you to prove yourself. If you read “Magic Word” by W.D.Gann and practice what he is saying, you will see that he loves you and I am sure that you could learn to love as well. If you have any queries or require clarification on any point or theme within the book, I would only be too pleased to guide you through and be there to answer any of your questions.

I must also express my appreciation to you, as the attention that you have brought by attempting to ruin me has resulted in a 20% increase in hits to my site www.schoolofgann.com. Enquiries about my workshops has also increased. If you feel the need to continue your attempts to ruin me, it actually seems to be working in my favour. Such a great marketing strategy, if you would like some commission on sign ups to my courses just let me know. We could work something out, and I once again would be happy to help you out.

If you thought the rubbishing strategy was going to work, i.e. me lose business – you have overlooked one major point. You have mistaken me for someone who needs money.

Thank you once again Larry. I look forward to hearing from you so I can assist you in your greater understanding on “Magic Word” and any other issues you feel you need to attend to.

God Bless You!

David Burton


Go NFA at www.nfa.futures.org in the U.S.A and www.asic.gov.au in Australia to see if people are licensed.My license is AFSL No. 241371

This is how Larry agent in Australia acts!!!!

QLD Police Department 


On Thursday 21st April 2005 I received a phone call from a person who identified himself as “Tom”.  

“Tom” advised me that he had done the “Safety in the Market” Gann studies and wanted to talk to me about Gann and other market issues. We made an appointment to meet at 10.00am at my residence on Friday 22nd April 2005. He also provided me with his contact number.

After this phone call, I had a chance to think it over. The more I thought about it, the more suspicious this man “Tom” began to appear.

I subsequently rang “Tom” back on the phone number he had provided 0418........ to cancel the appointment. When I called the number he provided, it went straight to a message bank from a lady called Lyn Hunt. I found out Lyn Hunt is the wife of David Hunt – the person who brings speakers to Australia – including Larry Williams.

“Tom” had said he was from New South Wales on School Holidays with his family staying at Twin Waters Novotel. I rang there and asked to be put through to David Hunt, and they did. I however hang up before the call was answered.

This “Tom” was obviously David Hunt. With all these problems that I have been having with Larry Williams, it is obvious that Larry had asked David Hunt and other people to visit me. 

Considering that Larry Williams did threaten me with violence, as previously advised to the police, I feel this visit with “Tom” may have been a dangerous proposition.

These are not the type of people we need in Australia.

I now wish to pursue obtaining a restraining order against Larry Williams and David Hunt.

David Hunts Numbers 02 95274690, 02 95015373 
and 0418638688

Yours truly,

David Burton

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