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"I will only tell you what I want you to know, I wont reveal all I know, I can't tell you what I don’t know" D.K.Burton
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From time to time, David Burton write for magazines and newspapers and his comments and thoughts are sought after by many who are looking for an experienced and ethical person in the industry.

David Burton is passionate and knowledgeable in the areas of W.D.Gann and has followed his principles and often shares snippets of information so you can understand W.D.Gann better.

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Don’t get scammed

Don’t get scammed by investing in the stock market and real-estate!

Inflation is running over 12% p.a, the governments around the world change the index 15 years ago to exclude food and oil. For example oil has compounded 30% p.a every year since the low in 1999 of $11 per/barrel. By changing the index it has convinced the man on wages that inflation is low and no need for a pay rise when in fact is a new form of taxation. Prices go up, more tax you pay.

At 12% p.a the stock market and real-estate will collapse more than 90% and interest rates will rise.

You will not want to be in $US as that is following Germany currency problem as in 1923. Read the article coming up in “Your trading edge” magazine at the end August 2008, “The collapse of the Federal Reserve”. www.yte.com.au

The true inflation graph below.

True Inflation Graph

The only way to make money will to learn to trade commodities based on cycles of W.D.Gann.

Next workshop December 2008.

Visit the website www.schoolofgann.com for details.

David Burton

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