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"I will only tell you what I want you to know, I wont reveal all I know, I can't tell you what I don’t know" D.K.Burton
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David has been advising corporations on hedging commodities and currencies since 1988.


All the hedging advice is using the methods of W.D. Gann to forecast when to apply the appropriate hedge or strategy to enhance and protect the clients income.


David consults through his company Commodity Hedging Company which was established in 1990 for the purpose of hedging. David also holds an AFS Licence No. 241371 to enable him to advise clients.


Consulting fees are based on an annual fee paid in advance and the price is upon application.


Contact David on 0419 917443 or international on +61 419 917443

You will get Protection from Uncertainty! We understand you operate in uncertain conditions. Agricultural commodity prices are subject to the whim of nature, including droughts, floods and other natural influences. Operating in a state of flux is a risky businesses, where nothing is guaranteed. You never know what's going to happen to prices. You need a way of minimising uncertainty, and protecting your company from the financial seesaw of rising and falling prices.

There is a way of stabilising the prices of commodities you buy and sell, to deliver consistent returns, and to make planning for your organisation's future, easier and more reliable. Commodity Hedging helps protects buyers and sellers from commodity price increases and decreases. We balance out the peaks and troughs to steady the seesaw. So you benefit from a steady income stream or a stable raw product price.

How do we balance out the peaks and troughs so you get steady purchase and sale prices? Hedging (a risk management tool) allows producers and consumers to transfer risk. You hedge by taking an equal and opposite position in the cash and futures market by forward pricing your anticipated purchases and sales. Hedging protects you against sharp changes in price. This is offset by using futures or other forward cash markets.

So, by hedging, you effectively minimise the negative and maximise the positive changes on prices of the commodities you buy and sell.

Why you'll be better off with Commodity Hedging Company - You're more than a number to us. At Commodity Hedging Company, our role is to provide you with current, detailed and accurate information so you can make informed decisions.While we make and save many companies and producers, thousands, and sometimes millions of dollars, we recognise each small producer and multinational company we deal with, as individuals, with different needs.At Commodity Hedging Company we combine many years of commodity forecasting experience with the methods of W.D. Gann, a legendary commodities trader. Gann's methods have been tested and proven to deliver more accurate results than traditional forecasting methods.

We also trade very large volumes of commodities, so clients automatically receive better basis prices. The other thing we do differently, is that as well as giving timely advice on your best options, we educate clients about futures and options hedging. So you'll learn what decisions to make, and why they are best for you.

How one man made $50 Million Dollars! William Gann believed time cycles predicted the trend on stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities and when time was up, price would reverse. Through years of studying historical pricing charts, he found that 'time cycles can predict the future, protect capital and make money while those who guess will lose. Gann went on to make many remarkable mathematical discoveries which led to his famous predictions.

He continued to research and trade for 52 years until his death in 1955, in which time he accumulated a staggering $50 million dollars. Commodity Hedging Company applies Gann's mathematically based methods such as major and minor time cycles, seasonal tendencies, geometric Gann angles, over balancing of time and price, volume open interest and chart patters to deliver a more comprehensive forecasting system.You'll get the experience and knowledge to deliver results ---------------------------------------- M A X I M U M   R E T U R N S If you buy or sell any of these commodities, rates or currencies, we can provide you with forecasts to maximise your returns

Currencies: Australian Dollar, British Pound, German Mark, N.Z. Dollar, Swiss Franc.

Commodities: Cattle, Cocoa, Coffee, Copper, Corn, Cotton, Crude Oil, Gold, Lumber, Oats, Silver, Platinum, Soyabeans, Orange Juice, Sugar, Wheat and Wool.

Interest Rates: U.S. T-Bills 10 YR Treasury Notes Australian 10yr Bonds 90 Day Bank Bills


F o r e c a s t . . . February 1991

In Queensland Country Life - David Burton said wheat would bottom in August 1991


Wheat bottomed on the 10th July, 1991 to $2.75 per bushel and has risen to all time high of $7.50 per bushel on the 21st March 1996


F o r e c a s t . . . 7th August 1994

David sent a letter to 143 U.S. Cotton Spinning Mills predicting cotton would bottom between 70.50/67.50 U.S. cents/lb before coming to all time highs.


Here, David's forecast was spot on..... when cotton bottomed at 68.35 U.S. cents/lb on 16th August, 1994 and reached an 130 year high of $1.17 U.S./lb on 24th April 1995. Who benefits? All those who follow his accurate advice.


F o r e c a s t . . . 5th October 1994

David sent a letter to the Australian Wheat Board advising them to sell wheat because a major top was due between the 13th and 18th October, 1994.


Once again, David's prediction was right...when wheat topped on the 12th October, 1994 at $4.18 per bushel and fell to a low of $3.42 per bushel. His remarkable predictions are well publicised before the event..


F o r e c a s t . . . 13th April 1995

David conducted an interview with Knight-Ridder predicting wheat would start a bull market to test the 1974 highs. Wheat was at $3.68 per bushel at this time.


David Burton was correct. December wheat hit a high of $5.25 per bushel on 11th December 1995. His predictions can make the difference to your business! Contact him and look forward to increased profits!!!


F o r e c a s t . . . 1st November  1995

David conducted an interview with Knight-Ridder predicting wheat would go on $7.70 per bushel. On this day wheat was trading around $5.00 per bushel.


Wheat hit a 737 day high of $7.50 per bushel on the last day of trading in 21st March, 1996. David's astounding accuracy will ensure growing profits for all his clients.


F o r e c a s t . . . 3rd January 1996

David conducted an interview with Knight-Ridder predicting coffee would bottom between 92 - 88 U.S.c/bushel after being in an 18 month bear market.


Coffee bottomed out at 90.50 U.S. c/bushel on the 3rd January, 1996 and has since moved to a high of $3.18 U.S. cents/bushel. Maximise your returns, by using Commodity Hedging Co.   TIME AND KNOWLEDGE - Create Success    

David Burton, the Managing Director of Commodity Hedging Company has 15 years experience as a commodities advisor, 12 of which have also been spent studying the trading of the legendary commodity trader, W.D. Gann.

David's previous experience has been gained from working as a Commodities Broker for Kingly Commodities, trading in Soybeans, Sugar, Raw Silk and Japanese Red Beans and more recently as the Marketing Manager for Queensland Cotton. Commodities Hedging Company has been independently advising a small producers and large processors since March 1990.

Your Investment in a secure income... When you invest in our services, you are investing in the protection of your income. That's an investment no one should be without. We charge and annual fee for our services, which includes: marketing advice through weekly reports, a monthly W.D. Gann Newsletter, and communications relevant to your individual circumstances.

You would also receive a biannual visit from the Company Director, David Burton, as well as education specifically geared to your current level and interest. Fee depend upon the level of service you require, please telephone us and we will provide you with an independent assessment of your needs.

"I have sighted the original documents and copies of the documents which support these forecasts. I also know and associate with a number of people who have successfully utilise over a period of time, and continue to utilise David's services." "David's expertise may be of substantial benefit to commodity producers and other market traders. There is no downside in speaking with David, in relation to his renowned and very interesting forecasting techniques."

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