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"I will only tell you what I want you to know, I wont reveal all I know, I can't tell you what I don’t know" D.K.Burton
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February 2006

A few years ago a series of events left me in some financial hardship. My savings were depleted and although I am a professional earning an above average salary I did not have any additional or passive income to reduce my incurred debts. Most times I was able to meet the minimum payments but my quality of life was greatly affected.

I wanted to be able to pay larger amounts off my monthly payments and reduce my overall debt much quicker. I started looking at ways of creating a passive or additional income. I considered taking a second job, changing jobs with the hope of an increased salary, approaching my boss for a pay rise etc but these options were only going to bring a small return.

A friend who had an interest in trading took me along to a trading seminar. This sparked my interest in trading commodities. I began researching courses, programs, teachers etc and I came across the Burton School of Gann website. I contacted David. He explained the fundamentals of trading, what I would need to put into it, my set up costs and what I could reasonably expect to gain.

I purchased the home study course and spent 6 months studying the principles, charting and trading on paper. Once I felt confident enough to do some 'real' trading I contacted David again to get some reassurance and advice on what to watch in the market for my first investment. I then braved the market. I could only afford to invest $400 but this allowed me to purchase two October 1250 calls.

I recently sold my options and am very pleased to say that my $400 investment gave me a return of $8000.

I have reinvested $2000 in Wheat and am keenly watching the market. My finances are now starting to look much healthier.

Angela Aicken

Gold Coast

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